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Full Version: [OPEN] Seat Bookings LANtheon II
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Shadow Reaper

Live Update Link for Seat Bookings

Please check the 'Live Update Link' above to be certain to see the final seating arrangements.
We will only accept bookings for users with prepaid places.
Seat booking subject to change.!

Reply to this thread with the seats you'd like to book for your group and then list the names of the players in the group as they appear in the event player list. Keep an eye on the thread for confirmation of your seat booking as it may be rejected for various reasons. We only update the seat booking image on a periodic basis so make sure no one else has taken the seats you've selected previously!

If you have a particular game you are playing, let everyone know so those have an opportunity to sit with other players of the same game.

Please note that seat bookings are only available to prepaid players (this means that all players in the group must be prepaid) and that bookings will be done on a first come, first served basis so be sure to be prepaid by then!

* You can make a booking for as large or small as you want. If you want to reserve a seat in a particular location for just yourself, that's fine too.
* Don't make a booking for group if you're the only player in the group to have prepaid - we will not accept it.
* When specifying players, make sure you use their names as it appears in the event player list.

Please note that we WILL be seating people as close together as this will probably be a SOLD-OUT EVENT. This means that we will be doing our best to ensure that we don't have single seats in between seat booking groups if we can avoid it.

Bookings Close 19:00 - 28/07/2016
mck04 (LiquidKill)
12 B for "mck04" Please
Shadow Reaper
Added to the map
B-21 crumpeT
B-22 Jaxter56
B-23 wadeal

G-6 IcePwrd
G-7 Wafflejunkie
G-8 Russtymango

Vented Karma
Vented Karma (F1)

Seat booking map updated (see live update map).
Can I grab seats A1-A5 under "Australis" for:

Cheers smile.gif
I like to reserve the seats of E3 - E10 for the following players below with the group name of APB KR3W:
- killerx525
- iMurder_
- Shenny
- Watt
- Shadow565
- Archangel
- TheRealDragon
- Krism
That Commander
Hello, can I please reserve E17:E19 for

  • Afterseen
  • Ninja Arrow
  • That Commander

Thank you smile.gif
Overgrown Orange
Yo! Could i please reserve seats B-13, B-14

- Overgrown Orange
- ducktapeengineer

Thank you smile.gif
Can I get f3 f4 f6-f9

purter grurfen
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