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> Rules: Heroes of the Storm, The rules and allowances for Heroes of the Storm
post Jun 21 2015, 09:20 PM
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Heroes of the Storm, a free, fast-paced and PvP-friendly Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, is due to be released by Blizzard Entertainment in June 2015. But that doesn't give credit to the lengthy public beta and alpha releases that have put the game through the ringer with the public since mid-2014, giving gamers of all types the chance to try out the latest competitor for League of Legends' crown. The major differences boasted by Heroes of the Storm to other popular MOBAs include levelling as a group (so healers don't have to 'steal' kills to gain levels, for example), and the removal of individual player items (meaning players need to focus on strategy rather than item optimisation).

A typical Heroes of the Storm match consists of two five-player teams going head to head on a two or three-lane battleground, with the aim being to destroy the enemy's 'core' (a building in the enemy's base that can defend itself). Due to the design of the game, a player knockout is guaranteed in the first minute of gameplay, and most battles are over within 15 minutes.

Rules and Regulations

1. Background
1.1. Registration
Players must register via the Respawn website AT LEAST 10 minutes before the competition start time.

1.2. Game Version
The latest Battle.net client version

1.3. Schedule
This competition is run in 3-4 team pools for scheduling of matches. Once the time limit for signups has elapsed all teams will be entered into a draw and randomly allocated a pool and Round Robin schedule for the event.

Once all teams have played each other in the pool matches, the teams with the most victories go through to a Single-Elimination final series.

1.4. Win Condition(s)
By destroying the enemy team's Core.

2. Match Environment
2.1. Match Creation
All matches must be created and played on the Americas servers.

2.2. Server Setup
Game Type Custom Match
Map <Randomly Selected by Admins per match pre-tournament>
Team Size 5
Game Privacy Normal
Lobby Mode Standard

2.3. Server Settings
The host must invite the Team Captain of the opposing team to the Custom Match first, to allow both teams time to invite their team players into the match.

2.4. Player Substitutions
Teams are allowed to make substitutions of their eligible players at any stage between matches providing they meet the following criteria:

  • Are a player of the event.
  • Have not played previously within the competition for another team.
  • Have gotten permission for the substitute from the tournament organiser
  • Does not breach any of the other rules for this competition.

Breaking this rule may result in the offending team forfeiting.

2.5. Players Leaving Early
All players are expected to remain in the server until the conclusion of the match.

3. Exploits
3.1. No Cheating / Hacking

Cheats / Hacking includes any unauthorized manipulation of: server configurations and server variables, client configurations and client variables, models, skins, entities, textures, sounds, or anything else that subverts the games rules and normal operating conditions. Hacking includes any third party program which alters the game in a way that the game developer did not intend for.

This will result in the immediate suspension/ban of player(s) and/or team and will be immediately brought to Respawn Management for possible further action taken on the player(s)/team.

4. Client / Server Issues
4.1. Pausing Conditions
4.2. Match Restart Conditions
Teams can mutually agree to reset the game if the following conditions are met:

  • Less than THREE minutes into the game have passed.
  • First blood has NOT been dealt.
  • Technical problems have caused considerable delays to the match.

If a severe network outage occurs and the match cannot be salvaged, the match is to be re-created and the tournament organiser is to be contacted immediately.

4.3. Player Connection / Dropouts
Player connections are solely the responsibility of the individual. Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server, then the match is either canceled or postponed upon team agreement.

Once a match has gone live (i.e. all players have spawned on the battlefield), should a team drop to three players in the server they have four minutes from the moment the player leaves the server to get a fourth player back. If the fourth player or substitute player making up the fourth player, has not entered the match within the four minutes, the team forfeits the match. Any problems arising due to connection issues are the sole responsibility of the players.

Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server (e.g. lag) and the tournament organiser acknowledges this, then the match may be paused, cancelled, rescheduled or continued. If there is no referee in game then both teams must agree that there is widespread connection problems (screenshot or written agreement), and both captains must agree to dispute the match.

It is requested that players attempt to play out their game for as long as possible before the widespread connection problems affect the game - if the problems persist, contact a tournament organiser. If both teams do not agree that there are widespread connection issue at play, then the match is to played out and teams may dispute post-match. A tournament organiser or the competitions team leader will review all relevant evidence to determine whether or not there was significant widespread connection issues. Rescheduling of matches will be done by the tournament organiser.

4.4. Pre-Match Delays
If any member of a team is not ready within 15 minutes of the team's match call-up, or the team captain does not respond to/attend a team call-up, the offending team will be declared no-shows, and their match forfeited.

5. General Rules
5.1. Disputes

Any disputes must be made during the match and made aware immediately to the tournament organizer. If you play out the match without informing the tournament organizer, it is assumed you have no disputes and the result will stand.

If there is a dispute raised, the decision made by the tournament organizer is final.

5.2. Player Names

Inappropriate Player names which includes: profanity, racism, sexism, drug references, etc. may see you removed from the competition pending a competition adminís decision.

5.3. Sportsmanship / Abuse

Unsportsmanlike conduct and abuse during, prior or after matches will not be tolerated. If a player is found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or abuse, punishments may be issued. We wish to promote a healthy competition that everyone can enjoy.

5.4 Tournament Organisers

A tournament organiser may enter the competition they are running on the following rules:

  • Any decisions to be made whereby it involves them directly in the outcome of a decision must be decided by the Competitions Admin or by another member of Management of Respawn who is deemed impartial.
  • Any prizes that are won by the organiser will be forfeited, and in case of a single player competition handed to the player who is the place below the organiser; or in case of a team tournament be returned to the pool of prizes for that event.
  • The trophy in case of being awarded one maybe kept by the organiser at the discretion of by the Competitions Admin or by another member of Management of Respawn who is deemed impartial.
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