TL;DR: We run LAN parties where you bring your own computer to a venue for a weekend and participate in competitions, play games with people and have fun!

Respawn LAN is Melbourne's premiere BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party event, dedicated to bringing you the best multiplayer gaming experience available. Drawing upon expertise and experience from events such as the Big Day In and AGDC LANfest events, we aim to bring the most well-rounded LAN gaming experience. Our team consists of both people who have been involved with the largest events in the country and new, dedicated gamers who bring a fresh perspective to the team, giving us the ability to better understand and cater for a wide range of gamers. Our events provide an exciting, socially optimised environment for gamers to meet other gamers with like minded interests.


Our mission is to connect like-minded individuals through competitive and non-competitive events and activities aimed with computer and video games as a primary focus and common interest. As a secondary mission, we also aim to grow the community through working with organisations to bring our expertise and knowledge to all aspects of the gaming community.

The best of both worlds

LAN groups in the past have always focussed on either professional gaming with high prize pools or a focus solely representitive of the casual gamer. We aim to offer both professionally-oriented gaming competitions alongside more relaxed games and our unique AFK activities for those who want to take a break.


Our current venue for our regular Respawn LAN events is The Batman Royale, located in Coburg North.

Rock-solid infrastructure

We use only the best networking equipment, produced by Cisco Systems to ensure that all games are lag-free with unparalleled reliability. All power is fed directly from three-phase outlets in our venues to provide sufficient power for the increased popularity of high powered graphics cards and multi-core processors. The network and servers are maintained by working IT professionals with a passion for technology and a dedication to the gaming community. Our events have Internet access available for multiplayer games that absolutely must require Internet to operate.

The volunteers

Respawn events is run on a volunteer basis - no member of the team individually profits from the events so every cent collected at the door is used to provide a better experience for the gaming community.

Our volunteers are the heart of what we do. Volunteering for Respawn projects has provided many members of the community with a canvas or gallery to explore their interests and passions such as IT infrastructure, graphic design, software development, audio visual, media and catering.