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Respawn LAN events are only made possible by the contributions of our volunteers and the generousity of our sponsors As such, our prize pools depend on the contributions and support from these brands. If you're looking to upgrade your PC, please show your support for our community by consideration of the products by our partners below.


nVidia are the world's leader in visual computing technologies, with their invention of the GPU in 1999 to manufacturing the highest performing graphics card chipsets available for gamers worldwide known as the "GeForce" series, in addition to professional visualisation and high performance computing products. You'll find nVidia's GPU products in the PCs of the world's best eSports competitors, supercomputers, research and visualisation systems, mobile devices and even cars.

We are very excited to welcome nVidia onboard to support our Respawn LAN community with cash prizes.


Gigabyte, for nearly 20 years, have been offering the PC industry with top quality motherboards, graphics cards, notebook PC systems and PC peripherals. Their motherboards are used by the likes of Team AU to set world records for PC performance, backed by innovations such as Ultra Durable and their OC series of motherboards and top of the range, nVidia powered graphics cards.

Gigabyte have been a contributor to the Respawn community for a number of years, supplying motherboards and gaming peripherals to our community for prizes, overclocking attractions by Team AU and have joined forces with nVidia to provide cash prizes to our competitors.


Corsair are a leading manufacturer of memory products, solid-state drives, ultra-efficient power supplies, PC cases and gaming periperhals including mice and keyboards aimed for the gaming and high performance PC markets. Their power supplies and memory modules are often found in the highest end performance overclocking systems.

Corsair are a supporter of our events through offering prize support for our tournaments, including high performance power supplies, mice and mechanical keyboards for our discerning community.

Interested in sponsoring a Respawn event?

Respawn LAN are always on the look-out for exciting new opportunities for sponsorship and support for our events. If you feel you have something to offer our events and the Australian gaming community and that we can offer something in return, feel free to contact us.